The Making of "I'm Gone"

March 14, 2014 - by Nick Schneider

Some songs are like fetuses, taking months to develop into a fully formed being.  Others are like chemical reactions, sparking into existence instantaneously.  “I’m Gone” falls into the latter category, morphing into its taut, 2 1/2 minute structure after one short jam session and a few stunned faces wondering how the hell we just did that.  Why can’t every song be that easy to write?

A straight-ahead rocker with a driving beat, Motown-inflected bass groove, hint of ska guitar, and raw vocals, it will get even the most timid of you out there on the dance floor.  Come on, go and embarrass yourself.  Failing with passion is always more noble than succeeding with apathy.  If, for a brief moment, those uncoordinated legs of yours expose your uncool and unkempt side, so what?  You restrain yourself too much on a daily basis everywhere you go- school, work, the supermarket, whatever.  Let it out here and let The Stu Tails be the soundtrack to this small rebellion of the self.

Don't take my word, see for yourself -